Here are the upcoming events in Varna for this weekend. On Friday the 24th November we check in to discover the Taste of Whisky with a degustation and on Saturday we delve into the world of coffee with the 2nd edition of Coffee Lab 2.0. Get ready for an enticing weekend ahead. Campus 90 is back to elevate your senses and expand your knowledge.

Taste of Whisky: Exploring Scotland’s Whisky Heartlands

November 24th 2023 | 21:30h

Let’s dive deeper into Scotland’s whisky legacy! Join us as we unravel the essence of the “Water of Life” and explore how each region paints a unique story in its creation. From the smooth Lowlands to the peaty allure of Islay, get ready to embark on a sensory journey through Scotland’s whisky heartlands.

Scotland’s whiskies are steeped in legends, talent, and skill—stories that resonate with generations. This time, we’ll delve into the intricacies behind the scenes, unveiling the care and attention to detail that crafts each bottle into a masterpiece.

Coffee Lab 2.0: Taste and Aroma Unveiled

November 25th 2023 | 13:00h

Following our previous edition’s exploration of coffee filtration with V60, let’s take the next step into the world of taste and aroma. Discover the nuances that differentiate taste from aroma and learn how to discern and choose your favorite coffee. Join us as we delve into the art of tasting and savoring each sip.

In this edition, prepare for a surprise! Four exquisite drinks will grace our session, each chosen to highlight the attention and care poured into their making. Behind each beverage  lies a tale of dedication to detail, encapsulating these two defining moments—taste and aroma.

upcoming events in Varnaupcoming events in Varna

Location: C90 Bar at Campus 90

Both upcoming events in Varna unfold at Campus 90, the vibrant epicenter for beverage exploration and community engagement. Nestled in the heart of Varna, this space is designed to foster connections and ignite passion for the finer elements of life.

Where? The C90 Lobby Bar at Campus90 Hotel

When and How Much?

Taste of Whisky – Scottish whisky degustation and Q&A with Yuli

45bgn | 24.11 | 21:30

Coffee Lab 2.0 – Coffee degustation and Q&A with Yuli

35 bgn | 25.11 | 13:00

How do I book? Call us on 0889 90 89 90. Prepayment is required to reserve your spot.


See you there, ready to unravel the mysteries hidden in every sip!