Peek into the Business World of Campus 90. We invite you to the new era where innovation meets convenience and business is not just numbers, but a lifestyle. Our innovative business hotel in Varna and coworking spaces offer experiences to combine work and pleasure.

Co-working Spaces: Where ideas are born

We’ve created dedicated spaces for small businesses and freelancers, those daring dreamers who are ready to take on the weight of the world. Need a quick brainstorming session? Our coworking spaces are designed to nurture creativity. Places where teamwork flows easily and inspiration strikes you often. Perfect for those intimate discussions that spawn the big ideas.

С360 Panoramic Terrace: Where ideas are developed

After a day of overcoming challenges, what could be more rewarding than kicking back with a cocktail in hand high above the urban setting? Our panoramic rooftop terrace is where ideas develop. High above the clouds, with sea views, away from the hustle and bustle of life. The perfect atmosphere to look to the horizon ‘ahead’ and develop your ideas.

Conference rooms: Where ideas are presented

Our conference rooms inspire one thing – confidence. Whether you are hosting an important event, training, organizing a seminar or presenting your product, our conference rooms will guarantee you a vote of confidence. Our business hotel in Varna has a convenient location, parking spaces, preferential prices and the most modern technology, your event is guaranteed to leave its mark.

Lobby Bar: Where the ideas are celebrated

Good ideas should be celebrated! That’s why we’ve created exciting meeting areas in our lobby bar where you can relax and connect with colleagues. Whether it’s a specialty espresso or a craft cocktail, these spaces lend themselves to friendly and relaxing afternoons with the whole team.

Well, are you ready to reinvent your business with us? At Campus 90, we don’t just offer spaces. We offer a world of endless possibilities. Welcome to the new business era – it’s time to make your mark!