Once upon a time, in the vibrant city of Varna, there was a place where coffee lovers united. It wasn’t just any place; it was C90 – the Campus 90 Hotel’s Lobby Bar. Here, something extraordinary was brewing – “The Coffee Lab” – a coffee event in Varna.

Now, you might be wondering, what makes this event so special? Well, gather ’round, and let me tell you a story.

Picture this: It’s a sunny afternoon on October 14th, and the clock strikes 13:00. The Lobby Bar is buzzing with anticipation, filled with coffee aficionados, each ready to embark on a quest of taste and discovery.

Our guide on this epic journey? None other than Yuli, our bar manager. With his trusty V60 brewer in hand, he’s about to unlock the secrets of coffee filtration.

But first, we delve into the myths, legends, and facts that surround this magical elixir. From the ancient coffee tales to the modern coffee culture, Yuli weaves a narrative that’s as captivating as the taste of each coffee shot.

And then, the moment of truth:

The V60 brewing technique. It’s like a magical incantation that transforms coffee beans into liquid gold. Yuli reveals the artistry behind each pour and the chemistry that makes it all happen.

As the stories and brewing magic unfold, you’ll be treated to a degustation. Coffee beans from around the world take center stage and you’ll taste:

  • Dabov Specialty Coffee’s Signature Blend.
  • Dabov Specialty Coffee’s Honduras Semi Anaerobic.
  • Dabov Specialty Coffee’s Honduras Finka El Puente.
  • Ethiopia Gargary Gutity Anaerobic from 4312.coffee.

And just when you think the story couldn’t get any better, it’s time for an espresso martini finale that’ll have you feeling like a coffee royalty.

Our storyteller Yuli welcomes questions and shares his coffee wisdom. It’s not just a tasting; it’s an interactive tale of flavors, facts, and fun at our coffee event in Varna.

Want to join this epic journey into the world of coffee? It’s as simple as dialing 0889 908990 to reserve your spot. And to secure your place in this story, a small prepayment is all it takes. 

So, dear reader, be part of this caffeine-fueled saga. Brew, sip, and let The Coffee Lab unfold before your very eyes.

When? 14th October at 13:00

Where? C90 – The Lobby Bar at Campus90

How much? 22 BGN which includes 4 coffees to taste, a shot of espresso martini, great company and workshop on coffee history and a lesson in filtration with v60.

How do I book? Call us on 0889 908990 to save your spot. Prepayment is required.