REFORMA is not just a gym. REFORMA is your partner in creating a better You.  When you join our fitness in Varna, you’ll discover more than just a space for your workouts. 

Each member of our fitness in Varna receives exclusive access to TechnoGym’s digital coach app. With over 1000 activity options suitable for your body, including equipment and body-weight exercises, you’ll find the perfect workout for you. Technogym Coach is your digital personal trainer: answer its questions and get a Precision Program tailored to you that adapts to your progress, helping you reach your goals faster. Choose your journey from fitness, to get in shape, lose weight, tone up, build muscle, and stay young; to maximizing your performance in tennis, golf, running, or skiing. The program is also suitable for various levels of physical activity with programs suitable for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, overweight and back pain. 

Working out at REFORMA is a pleasure, designed for your comfort. We understand the effort you put into your gym sessions, and that’s why we’re committed to being your partners in your journey to REFORM your lifestyle. But that’s not all! At Campus90 you can seamlessly go from working in our co-working space to working out at our gym. Whether you need a fresh start to your day, or a place to unwind at night, Reforma is your go to spot with FREE PARKING. What more could you need? Maybe a place for a drink before or after your workout? We’ve got you covered. C90 Bar is next door and offers specialty beverages.


fitness in Varna

Take your experience to the next level. Technogym Run: the innovation of high-intensity training, designed to get you the best results, faster. All cardio. All strength. Reach all your goals quicker and more effectively with the only treadmill that allows you to train both cardio and strength at the same time.

Dumbbells & Weights

fitness in Varna

 The new chrome dumbbells are ideal equipment for free weight strength training and sport a sleek and compact design that has  a perfect grip.

 Technogym’s dumbbells are designed to let you train naturally. Giving you total control of movement, allowing you to recruit more muscles, more efficiently.

Workout Benches

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The Adjustable Bench  has a simple, compact design created specifically for barbell and dumbbell workouts. 

Skillrow: improve rowing skills, cardio fitness, and total body power with the most advanced rowing machine ever.

 Relaxing Shower

 After pushing your limits, all you want is a relaxing shower. You have it all, together with your private locker. You’re all set up to check in at the bar for a drink now. 🙂