Let your voice blossom… In these tense, complex, and fast-paced times, we increasingly need soothing, simple pleasures. Whether you are the reader or the listener, reading aloud is a source of such pleasure. When we read aloud, even if it’s just a short excerpt, we connect deeply with the vibration of the words in the text, with our unique voice, and with ourselves. Reading aloud increases confidence, courage to assert oneself in the world, improves voice control and expression. It triggers a range of emotions that activate healing and cleansing processes. Reading aloud heals and teaches, reduces stress, improves memory and speech, and makes us happy. Let your voice blossom with our poetic reading at Campus90! All participants in the event are encouraged to participate in the reading by preparing their own or other texts (up to a maximum of 3 texts) that they want to read to us with love on the theme of “Blossoming.” The texts can be rhymed or unrhymed, blank verse, sonnet, poem, letter, a few words in a row, an address, song lyrics, or anything else that you imbue with the word “poetic.”

Date: March 23, 2023, at 6:30 pm

CO-90 – Shared Workspace, 1st floor

Organizers: Nikol Mladenova and Hristina Nikolova

Entry: Free

The event will be held in Bulgarian.