When spring fatigue tries to take over, it’s time to invite you to our most “zen” event yet – a Japanese tea ceremony. Dedicate your Saturday to the Japanese tradition of tea-making and discover your own taste among the offered varieties.

In our first Japanese tea ceremony, we will try 4 types of green tea:

  • Bancha Organic
  • Sencha Yabukita
  • Shincha, 2023 harvest
  • Gyokuro Asahina Organic

With each subsequent tea, we will change the preparation method, exploring the differences in tea leaf processing. All tea types will be from Japan. We’ll delve into the history of the tea tree, discuss the differences in terroirs of different tea-producing regions, and highlight specifics in the preparation of this millennia-old beverage.

When? 13.04 | 12:30

Where? Campus90 (parking is free for the first 2 hours)

How much? 25 BGN

How to reserve? Call us at 0889 90 89 90. Prepayment is required to secure your spot.