“It’s gettin’ hot in here” – If you read this sentence while humming Nelly’s 2002 hit, you might be slightly disappointed – we won’t be taking off any clothes. But, we are certainly embracing the heat with some fiery chilli peppers. Join us on November 4th from 6:00PM for an event that will transport you to the land of spiciness.

Inspired by the fiery cravings of a few enthusiasts, we decided to test the Scoville chart (the scale used to measure spiciness) in four sizzling steps. It’s a nod to the past summer, ensuring that even in November, Varna will be blazing hot. 😉

Step 1: Welcome with Skinos and Yellow Carrot

Don’t worry, you won’t be eating carrots! We’ll welcome you with a signature cocktail made with Hot Farm’s Yellow Carrot sauce, which will take us to the first step on the Scoville scale. Created by our bar manager Yuli, this cocktail is surprisingly refreshing on the palate with grapefruit, basil, rosemary and Skinos. At first glance, a harmless drink, but once tasted you realize that the adventure has begun and we’re heating up for step 2

Step 2: Spicy Tour and Delicious Degustation

As your senses awaken, we proceed to the second step, where the passionate farmers from Hot Farm have prepared fiery temptations interwoven with delicious bites. With captivating stories about their chili farm, the scale of love for spicy will sky rocket and your good mood will set the tone for the evening. Along with the spicy bites, we’ll enjoy some nibbles from charcuterie boards with a glass of wine each. The heat level progressively escalates, but we’ve got an array of flavors to cool you down. 😉

Step 3: Presentation of The Spiciest Cocktail and Spiced Espresso Martini

As the Bulgarian saying goes, “You cannot quench what’s not for quenching!” The third step is here, featuring fiery cocktails that will reignite the embers. In a presentation showcasing our signature recipes of two spicy cocktails, infused with various flavors and spicy sensations, we’ll warm you up for the grand finale. Following the presentation, you’ll get to choose which cocktail you’d like to enjoy. P.S.: You can buy additional drinks on request.

Step 4: Spicy Challenge (optional)

Now, it’s time for the grand finale – a competition to see who can eat the hottest Bulgarian pepper. Here’s where you face the ultimate test on the Scoville scale. The truth is, anyone can eat the spiciest chili pepper, but not everyone can handle the aftermath. For the victor, we’ve prepared a special reward: a night’s stay at Campus90 for two, including a surprise gift from Hot Farm.

The “Campus90 is Getting Spicy” event is recommended for those ready to ignite their senses and try something new. Spice levels will escalate progressively.

Where? C90 Lobby Bar at Campus 90 Hotel 

When? 6:00 PM | November 4, 2023 

How much?: 67 BGN per person, including 2 cocktails, spicy bites, charcuterie boards to share, glass of wine, ‘spicy’ lecture, competition (optional). More beverages can be purchased on site. 

How to Reserve?: Give us a call at 0889 90 89 90. Prepayment is required to secure your spot. 

Free parking is available on-site.

We’ve also prepared packages for those who want to extend their stay in the land of spiciness: 

Spicy Package for Two: 240 BGN, including a night’s stay for two at Campus90 and two tickets to the “Campus90 is Getting Spicy” event. 

Spicy Package for One + Moral Support: 175 BGN, including a night’s stay for two and one ticket to the “Campus90 is Getting Spicy” event.